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We offer broad and deep experience across three key areas of accountancy; Advisory, Optimisation and Compliance. We have an agile approach to help clients adapt and grow to meet the challenges and opportunities they face today and tomorrow.

Icon for Cross-Border accountancyCross-Border

Brain Partners Cross-Border is a specialist service which helps clients navigate the complexities of managing tax and compliance between multiple countries, with a focus on Australia, United States of America and United Kingdom.

If you have personal and business interests between the USA, UK and Australia, or you have relocated from one to the other you may have tax obligations which require reconciliation in both jurisdictions. Each country has its own system and failure to meet your responsibilities can result in costly fines and heartache. Brain Partners are experts at managing cross-border taxation issues so our clients can meet their obligations and have peace-of-mind.

Cross-Border Business

If you operate your business, or are looking to expand across multiple countries you must ensure you comply with the tax laws and disclosure requirements. We help businesses conduct their tax affairs across each jurisdiction.

Dependable transfer pricing support is a universal need, applying to cross-border intercompany transfers across all industries, related to all business functions and locations around the world.

Our proactive review of a company’s global operations from a transfer pricing and international tax perspective is key to ensuring multinational corporations operate in the most tax-efficient manner. The combined expertise of Brain Partners’ transfer pricing and international tax professionals ensures you optimise your global structure and provides our international clients with a competitive edge.

Personal Tax

If you have relocated or emigrated from one country to another, you may still have obligations which must be met in your home country.

Failure to do so can result in costly legal bills, extradition, or worse. We can help you resolve your issues before they become a serious problem.

Brain Partners’ International Tax team handles preparation of your Personal Tax Returns in house. This is a key differentiation to our competitors who rely on affiliates to prepare tax returns in each jurisdiction. The Brain Partners approach provides an unrivaled level of coordination and local market expertise.

Cross-State Taxation

In the USA your obligations can also vary between each State. The complexity and persistent changes in state and local tax (SALT) laws and regulations can make it difficult for businesses to meet their objectives . At Brain Partners, we understand the nuances to help you successfully trade inter-state, uncover risks and provide recommendations for future tax planning.

Timely Submission

The tax years and submission dates are different between each country. We ensure you will meet your obligations in a timely, painless and efficient manner in order to minimize or defer the payment of taxes.

We will inform you of what is needed and when it is required with plenty of warning and assistance. Prevention is better than Cure is a mantra you will hear plenty of at Brain Partners.


Tax departments are notorious for complex forms and ever-changing bureaucratic processes. It can be confusing and time-consuming.

We are always up-to-speed with the latest tax code changes and ensure the detail is well managed and executed.

Icon for AdvisoryAdvisory
Brain Partners Accountancy Advisory

Brain Partners Advisory offers smarter growth and the successful development of your business. From chief financial officer to controller and bookkeeper, we have all your needs covered.

Our clients enjoy access to a dedicated team of professionals who solve complex and highly technical finance and accounting issues.

Brain Partners financial accounting and advisory services provide the professionals you need to quickly resolve your challenges. Our problem-solving work strengthens your operational effectiveness and collaboration.


We help businesses face the challenges and obstacles of today’s increasingly competitive marketplace.

If something is holding your business back or threatening its financial health, our advisors will help you turn things around with restructuring or realignment of your business model.

Growth Management

To help fast growing businesses we help them manage growth with automated processes to improve communication and collaboration.

We minimize redundancies with streamlining and efficiencies, facilitate forecasting, help maintain cash flow and working capital whilst mitigating risk.


We offer our clients an independent and objective view of their operations and provide clarity on the financial condition of business results.

We maximize the transparency and reliability of financial information so investors, creditors and stakeholders can make timely and informed decisions.

Business Trajectory

We determine your business trajectory with strategic analysis of record data to give measured assurance on financial performance, liquidity and direction.

We present information in a professional and appropriate format to meet the needs of management and third parties such as lenders, investors and stakeholders.

Dedicated Consulting Team

Our clients enjoy a dedicated team who have impressive credentials and many years of experience analyzing a diverse range of businesses. They are selected to help your company reach its full potential. You pay only for the services you need, when you need them, scaling our resources to respond to your evolving business environment.


You can rely on us to meet your valuation needs with our familiarity with regional market conditions. Our services include appraisals of entire businesses, subsidiaries, joint ventures, equity interests, and specific assets such as stock, intellectual property, machinery and equipment, inventory, real estate, and financial instruments.

Brain Partners Icon OptimisationOptimisation
Brain Partners Accounting Optimisation

Brain Partners Optimisation enhances organizations with a comprehensive review of business processes and recommended changes. Our work has the potential to make a real difference to your operational efficiency.

Our consultants make it their goal to involve and energize your staff to establish buy-in for financial process improvement. Benefits to your company can include valuable cost savings and increased productivity, giving your people more time to spend on higher-value initiatives across the business.

Business Strategy

Brain Partners provide strategic consulting services to help you develop scalable, long-term creative strategies for growth and success.

Through in-depth analysis of organizational processes, we shed light on potential problems and opportunities your business is facing.


We believe it is essential to create sustainability within businesses in order to generate lasting growth.

We help you maintain and manage your business and assets to ensure sustainable of growth long into the future.

Personal Wealth

We work closely with you to develop a plan optimized to your lifestyle and your business and investment objectives.

Critical to ensuring longevity of private business and personal wealth we help you build a clear succession plan as early as possible to maintain a passive income stream for stakeholders.

Business Streamlining

We help you integrate technology to streamline your business which help fix productivity and performance issues.

Using a combination of analysis, reporting, up-skilling of your people and technological innovation we help you embrace opportunities to stay nimble and competitive.

Technology Consultants

Brain Partners Technology Consultants will help your company achieve its full potential by exploring opportunities to integrate technology and software which create efficiencies and positive impact on business growth.

Payroll & People

Payroll is much more than just paying staff on time. It is about managing your largest expense and unlocking important insights about your most valuable of assets; your people.

We implement effective technology and controls to gather data and analysis to reveal the true value of payroll.

Brain Partners Icon ComplianceCompliance
Brain Partners Accounting Compliance

Brain Partners Compliance provide companies with comprehensive corporate tax preparation, planning, and consulting services to reduce your tax liability.

Our taxation services for individuals help reduce tax liability to maximize after-tax cash flow. We prepare you for tax return compliance, tax planning and personal investment strategies.

Our dedicated team of highly qualified Certified and Chartered Accountants are experts at helping multinational corporations and growing businesses maintain tax compliance around the world so you can focus on growth and minimize liability.


We are highly experienced with local and international accounting principles. Financial reporting for local subsidiaries to an International parent holding company is our specialty.

Our cost-effective financial statement audits within an organization’s financial framework helps stakeholders make informed business decisions.

Mergers & Acquisition

Whether you are a buyer or seller we offer transaction advisory services for mergers and acquisitions.

We recognise that every deal is different so we customise our services to give definition to the high-stake complexities of mergers and acquisitions so that our clients can get the best deal possible from the transaction.

Tax Policy & Administration

Dependable Transfer Pricing support is a universal need to intercompany transfers across industries, business functions and locations. We combine economics, tax and accounting to determine strategies and eligibility through an R&D Tax Credit study involving careful analysis of qualifying activities and expenses.

International Tax

Tax regulations and reporting for businesses operating internationally or individuals with assets and income in multiple countries is complex. Brain Partners provide international tax services for inbound and outbound corporations and for executives who travel worldwide.

Tax Reporting & Activity

Brain Partners tax consultants assist companies with the complexities and obligations of federal and state taxes. We ensure all required reporting and activity is accurate, up-to-date and submitted on-time.

CFO Services

We unburden you from time-consuming duties so you can focus on the activities that will grow your business with relevant and robust decision making.

Our services include secure data storage, bookkeeping, cash flow management and reporting, business planning and technology solutions.

“We have worked with Brain Partners for over three years, growing from a team of just 3 people to more than 25. Their team is professional, responsive and exceptionally proactive and we trust them implicitly with our business. I look forward to our working together to continue our growth as a business!”

Sam Zheng

Co-founder and CEO

Curious Thing

“Brain Partners have had a tremendous impact on our growth. They have given us tailored solutions to help scale our business as a Saas company globally, in particular with US tax compliance and structures to manage revenue growth. We are grateful we have had their advice for 5 years and counting!”

Diony McPherson