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We leverage our extensive experience across industry sectors to help our clients think differently about their businesses, whatever challenges and opportunities they face.

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Agri, Life Science & Biotech

Brain Partners are well versed in the Research and Development Tax Incentive which enables us build value by delivering services and solutions for funded start-ups and established businesses within the innovation sector, including Software (Enterprise and SaaS) and commercial R&D entities.

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Construction industry regulations are complex and can make compliance an ongoing challenge.

Our contracting experts understand these complexities and offer clarity to help companies involved in long-term contracting face the intricate challenges and obstacles in today’s ever changing economy.

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Aerospace, Defence and Security

Aerospace, defence and security are under transformation. From market pressures of accelerating costs, digital revolution through to the ever changing political landscape and expansion of security alliances between nations. The complexity of this environment demands innovation and agility. Brain Partners has the industry experience to prepare technologists to meet tomorrow’s demands of the aerospace, defence and security industry. Think of Brain Partners as your ‘Rapid Support Force’ providing critical risk, tax, assurance and strategy consulting services—across the globe.

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Food & Beverage

We have the perfect recipe of knowledge and capabilities to help you stay flexible with accounting, tax, and consulting services. We will help you concentrate on the growth of your business across direct to consumer e-commerce or traditional retail.

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Manufacturing, Distribution & Logistics

We understand this diverse industry and the market forces driving business decisions. We deliver financial reporting, tax compliance and business consulting services linked by supply chain principles. We help you navigate regulatory scrutiny, competitive pressure and technological change.

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Media & Entertainment

The media and entertainment industry face unique challenges driven by technological change, distribution models, consumer behavior, digital privacy and runaway production. We have a deep knowledge of the industry and experience critical to keeping clients’ ahead of these changes with added value solutions.

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Professional Services

From Architects to Zoologists and everyone in between we are committed to the growth and success of our clients in professional services. We offer strategic and timely tax advice, managed accounting, assurance services, advisory, valuation and litigation support.

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We create innovative services and cost effective solutions for funded start-ups and established technology companies. We help a diverse range of companies who work in Software, Enterprise, SaaS, Hardware and Services for Information Technology. We also help Advanced Manufacturing; such as Green Tech, Innovative Technologies and Process Technologies.

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Retail & Consumer Products

We serve manufacturers, retailers and distributors with a combination of people, products and technology, developing results driven strategies which meet the challenges of this sector. We help improve performance across Inventory Management, Business Process Improvement and Supply Chain.

Brain powered ventures.
Put your capital to work.

Brain Partners have extensive experience collaborating with venture capitalists and the businesses and people they invest in. We help entrepreneurs throughout their journey with advisory, compliance and optimisation services, ensuring capital is put to good use and high growth phases are well managed.

Brain powered ventures.

Collaborative Partners

We work as trusted partners with venture capitalists and entrepreneurs to look after your interests and investments.

Our goal is to reduce your risk with professional management of tax and finance in your ventures with innovative advisory and rigorous reporting.

Systems & Controls

We are experts at creating systems and controls to help maintain the financial stability and growth of ventures.

We make it our business to understand the latest technological innovations and systems which can help and find opportunities to implement them.

Manage Rapid Growth

Ventures can face many challenges as they develop and grow, particularly when entering the high growth phase.

It is critical the financial systems and controls can scale with the venture to satisfy the demands of a growing workforce and investment needs.

Diverse Experience

We work across many sectors and industries with a focus on innovation and technology. We do this because we believe diversity of experience and an eye on the future enables us to think differently about the services we offer and how we work with our clients.


Brain Partners are structured to be nimble and responsive in order to meet the fast-paced needs of venture capital.

This approach helps our clients to make informed and responsive decisions about the capital they have invested.